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At Aara By Sana, our designs are created using only the finest quality of fabrics. 100% pure Chiffons, Silks and Embellishments handcrafted by the finest artisans globally.

The goal is to create sustainable fashion that doesn't leave a negative footprint. By focusing on quality and producing fewer items, we hope to bring you one of a kind collectible pieces that will pass down for generations to come…all while being environmentally friendly.


While Season1 was made in the garment district of NYC, Season 2 took our designer, Sana back to her hometown of Lahore, Pakistan after a long 18 years. She was immediately taken by abundance of love, food, incredible craftsmanship by local Artisans and the quality of beading & tailoring.

Season2 and Wanderlust would pay homage to the talented Artisans of her hometown. 

"My love affair with Chiffon & Kamdani embellishments goes back to my early childhood years in Pakistan. My mothers Chiffon saris were always a personal favorite of mine. It seemed as if they transcended time. Year after year the chiffon got softer and impeccable craftsmanship was always in style. These saris would end up being my favorite family heirlooms and it brings me so much joy to translate this ultra traditional technique on my fabric crush in my modern pieces today." 

“I was blown away by the level of skill I saw in the Gullys of Lahore. I quickly realized that the Artisans simply want to create art. Unfortunately, the economics of their countries rarely allow for fair wages. In many cases they are usually overworked and underpaid. I was thrilled at the chance to work with and learn from these OG's. Being in a position to help them provide for their families and their futures was the icing on top."

"They had me from "chalo" hehe! I got to help me and there is NO better feeling than that.” 

 - Sana

Kamdani 101: Kamdani (also known as Mukesh or Badla) is a metal work technique where a flattened metal wire is pierced through the cloth and twisted to create patterns. This intricate craftsmanship flourished under the Moghul Era and unfortunately there are very few artisans left who currently practice this craft. 


Chiffon 101: Chiffon has been produced in India for many centuries, and it is commonly used in saris. As in France and other Western nations, silk chiffon was once used as a status symbol. This fabric is made with different methods depending on the type of material that is used to weave this unique type of textile. The production of silk , for instance, involves the breeding of silkworms, the softening of cocoons, and the reeling of filaments. Polyester production, on the other hand, involves no organic components, and this fabric is made entirely from synthetic chemicals that are synthesized in a laboratory.



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