South Asian born. New York raised.

Aara by Sana is a luxury design label that creates bespoke, sustainable garments for women of all shapes and shades. 

Designed in NYC and crafted by hand-picked South Asian artisans, the label is a nod to the designer's diverse upbringing. It's her vision of the new Americana, and there is nothing subtle about it. 

It's loud and proud, featuring surprising combinations of leather, chiffon and sustainable silks.

aara by sana featured on a billboard in times square

"Growing up in NY/NJ during the 90s, I struggled to find clothes that told my story. 

I'm American. I'm South Asian. I'm a woman.

Only years later did I realize how many other women share my experience of feeling caught between worlds, yet that narrative is lost on what we choose to wear. Women are not one-dimensional and our clothes shouldn't be either. We demand to be seen for everything that we are."  -Sana

aara by Sana on the Grammys red carpet!

"I genuinely could not have found a more perfect collaborator than Aara By Sana whose elegant and edgy aesthetic literally ticked every box I wanted to hit for this momentous occasion. Crafted by South Asian artisans, female owned, NY-chic, show-stopping glam, comfy AF and designed for boss baddies of all sizes, shapes and shades. It especially felt meaningful to work with someone who is in the business of helping other women own their confidence" - Rhea

thank you for being part of our story

"Clothes aren’t Inspiring. People who wear them are. When you wear a designer you become part of their story and I love seeing women become a part of mine…." - Sana