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Our Designer, Sana teamed up with her kids to create "Kid & Mommy" approved comfort masks for small kids, big kids and mommies! All masks were donated to hospitals in Jersey City and NYC.

"It was very important for me that my boys understand what is happening in the world right now. I wanted to them put in the effort to create something and experience the gratification of knowing that they did their small part in this big picture. In addition, I knew from our personal experience that the mask struggle was REAL. It had been impossible finding masks that 1) Fit the boys and 2) were comfortable enough for them to actually keep on.  We went through a few drafts and when the boys finally gave me their stamp of approval and labeled our creation "the most comfortable masks ever", we immediately knew that we had to donate these to kids and mommies locally. We also really enjoyed glamming up women's masks. We tested their breathability, made them reversible, washable and added a leather trim for an extra oomph. We wanted to spoil our local essential workers with a hint of glam" - Sana Ali Khan


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